About Us

Voice USA Now Apart of our family!

Voice USA Business has been acquired by Horizon Visuals in a $0 takeover!

Starting December 1st 2021 our businesses and organizations will thrive under the new ownership. Everything will still be the same and all groups will still run independently of each other.

What this means is we will be able to greatly expand our services and offerings to brand new heights and levels.

This will give us ultra capacity flexibility in our businesses and what we do.

There will be no changes on the onset of this acquisition but look for great changes to come in the months and years ahead.

2022 will be a great year for our organizations and companies with this new takeover. All positions will remain the same and unchanged.

I look forward to working with the leadership team on this new company for the many years to come.

Just know that this will ultimately give us a leg up in our business and what we do.

Thank you for supporting us throughout the years you guys are the backbones of what we do and you guys are the backbones of how we are supported.

I look forward to a great New Year 2022 together!